Marketing Tips For Busy People

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This session will cover the rise of influencers and the current challenges for brands in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Today I’m going to share with you 7 content creation hacks to grow your business faster. 

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  1. Everyone loves a success story and Slack is definitely one. I never knew it was the fastest growing app in history until I read this.
  2. SEO changes all the time but Brian Dean is one of the best experts around who seems tog et it spot on every year. Here is what he has to say this year about SEO.
  3. Love them or hate them, every marketer needs to know whats going on with Facebook, especially around engagement. Buzzsumo breaks down key things to be aware of with Facebook.
  4. Looking for some key free tools to help with your marketing efforts? Check out my free marketing tools guide.

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Sometimes entrepreneurs feel that if they take a real job they are failing their true self…. bullshit!!!

This podcast from Mixergy features an entrepreneur who worked at Amazon and Netflix. He solved big problems for those companies. He took that experience and started a company to solve the same problems for companies that weren’t as big as Amazon and Netflix.

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A pretty cool free mindmap software tool that helps you plan ideas.