Creating Corporate Entrepreneurs

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Machines and technology will take out the functional people not the vital ones. As a Corporate Entrepreneur I will show you how to be indispensable.

I know why social media is important but I am struggling to create a strategy for MY ORGANISATION

How can I prove ROI as that is all my boss keeps asking for!!!

I have too much to do and too little time and the important things are being left behind because I am only focusing on urgent things

These are just some of the challenges I have heard from thousands of people that I have trained in social media or have delivered a keynote speech. Understanding ROI, using digital to help progress in your career or even creating a side hustle as additional income are all areas that make up mastering corporate entrepreneurship.

Meet Andrew

Many people and brands are looking to answer the most popular question in digital and social media right now: ‘So What!‘. Making sure staff, from management to interns, connect it to their business objectives through general awareness, positioning or part of their sales process is a must. Yet it can be very confusing. … and this is where I come in!

As a keynote speaker and a digital marketing trainer, I have worked with thousands of brands and budding corporate entrepreneurs (Intrepreneurs) and have helped them go through a digital transformation by training them through this complex world. But don’t take my word for it, ask KPMG, Ogilvy, Tesco and many others organisations I have trained or consulted for.

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Your Strategic Plans

Having success in digital is simple...but not easy!

Digital Roadmap Andrew Davis

The Digital Road Map

Digital marketing is simple, but not easy. However understanding when to do things is as important as knowing what to do. The Digital Road Map guides you along the customer’s journey.

Content Quadrant

The Content Quadrant

Content is the blood of the internet and when it comes to a content strategy, there are 4 key steps you need to be able to master. The Content Quadrant breaks down each of these crucial steps.


Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

With over 400 of the best free tools available to you, this ultimate resource guide is what you need to help you master your marketing.