Keynote Talks

If you are looking for a speaker to entertain, educate, and inspire your audience then let me be of help.

I actually got into keynote speaking by accident and was one of the best ‘accidents’ I made. I had a friend who worked at a speaking bureau and I asked her for help as I was going to deliver a talk in assembly and I wanted to make sure it was right. She liked my message and said she had a client who needed someone to speak on their graduate programme about social media as not many people had that much experience on that subject then. I delivered the talk and the rest is history.

Since then I have spoken all over the world to thousands of people of all industries and all size companies.

All my talks are bespoke but as a guide, 3 topics I have delivered several talks on are:

  • Putting the so what into social media or content marketing
  • Having thousands of friends on Facebook is great but so what? How many of them turn into real customers? This talk looks at the key areas of social media or content and how we can go from personal use to professional use.
  • Celebrating Failure: Why MySpace failed and what you can learn from their mistakes.
  • It's hard to argue that MySpace was the first social media site to go mainstream. The rise of MySpace was quick however the fall was just as fast. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I was there to see both. As one of the people to help launch MySpace in the UK, I can identify a number of reasons why it fell when it had the world at its feet. In this talk, I focus on 3 and how your company can avoid these mistakes.
  • Using digital to get the career you deserve.
  • I have only worked in digital. From my 1st job moderating chatrooms for TV show Pop Idol and Friends Reunited to now, I have seen many ideas come and go. I have built a career using these digital platforms and have helped many others. This talk I go on a deep dive about some key things you need to build and maintain a career with the platforms available to you.
  • All sessions are bespoke but as a starting point here are sessions I have that I can tailor more to your needs, challenges and wants.


The interactive workshop was engaging, current and most importantly, extremely well researched in relation to understanding our consumer needs and how we can communicate our brand initiatives through the various social media platforms.

Head of PR, New Era

We needed to fully understand ways to communicate with our target audience in the social media world. Since the course, we have set our strategy and increased devil’s presence across a variety of social media sites. It was time well spent!

Marketing Manager, Magic FM

Andrew cuts through the gimmicks and helps you create a proper digital strategy. As well as waxing lyrical on how to create great content, he encourages you to pin down elusive ROI. But for me Andrew’s real magic is the way he equips you with the tools and confidence to keep making the right decisions – even when the game changes all over again

Sarah Blake
Speaking Agent, JLA

It was all really interesting – I think the best training I have ever been to!

Senior Media Officer, Barnados