Virtual Training

The Coronavirus was the catalyst that created a digital transformation for almost every organisation. Face to face training and keynote talks took a hit but was quickly replaced with virtual training and keynote talks.

As someone who has delivered hundreds of virtual training, talks and webinars prior to Covid-19, fortunately, the transition was seamless as I already knew how to get the best out of people virtually, while keeping them entertained in front of their computer screens for long periods of times.

All the training and keynote talks I deliver face to face I have virtual versions of them including:


Strategic Training


The interactive workshop was engaging, current and most importantly, extremely well researched in relation to understanding our consumer needs and how we can communicate our brand initiatives through the various social media platforms.
Head of PR, New Era
We needed to fully understand ways to communicate with our target audience in the social media world. Since the course, we have set our strategy and increased devil’s presence across a variety of social media sites. It was time well spent!
Marketing Manager, Magic FM
Andrew cuts through the gimmicks and helps you create a proper digital strategy. As well as waxing lyrical on how to create great content, he encourages you to pin down elusive ROI. But for me Andrew’s real magic is the way he equips you with the tools and confidence to keep making the right decisions – even when the game changes all over again
Sarah Blake
Speaking Agent, JLA
It was all really interesting – I think the best training I have ever been to!
Senior Media Officer, Barnados