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Hi…I am Andrew Davis and welcome to ‘AndrewMilesDavis.com’. If you have any challenges, questions, success stories, training needs, keynote talks or anything else, then don’t be a stranger. 

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I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
~ Many Sources

Who this is this site for:

  • Employees who want to become vital to their company and temping to other companies (Corporate Entrepreneurs).
  • People who want to create a side hustle while at work and eventual make enough money that this matches or overtakes your wage.
  • Students at uni or have just left and want to use all these digital skills to get the ideal job.
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Now....Who Am I?

Many organisations are looking to answer the most popular question in digital and social media right now: ‘So What?’. Making sure staff, from management to interns, connects social media to their business objectives through thought leadership, awareness or part of their sales process is a must. Yet it can be very confusing….this is where I come in! 

I have worked with thousands of brands and budding corporate entrepreneurs (Intrepreneurs) and have helped them go through a digital transformation by training them through this complex world. But don’t take my word for it, ask KPMG, Ogilvy, Tesco and many others organisations I have trained or consulted for.

I help translate the language of digital and social media for clients in multiple sectors as diverse as postal services (Royal Mail) to sitting on the Ofcom advisory committee showing how a ‘digital lens’ can attract new customers while strengthening existing relationships. I not only know how to do this, but I can teach you how to do it too.

I began my career in digital media 18 years ago as a humble chatroom moderator on Pop Idol and Friends Reunited (think Xfactor and Facebook in today’s language). Before becoming a producer for the digital station BBC Radio 1Xtra. I then became the Marketing Manager for Myspace.com and helped launch the social network in the UK at a time where iPhones didn’t exist. I then decided to branch out to teach, speak and help others find opportunities available by understanding how digital works for their business…and still do a lot of talks on why MySpace failed.

I’ve combined those skills into consultancy, high-end strategic workshops and development while creating a number of strategic frameworks to give organisation a simple plan with actionable steps forward. Think of me as an experienced and wise tour guide for tourists and explorers on the data river that is modern digital media.