Idea Generation


Google Trends: A great tool brought to you by Google that lets you look at what is hot right now and also trends in the market.

Buzzsumo: If you want to know what content is shared the most across platforms to find out what to create, then Buzzsumo does a great job.

Portent: Use this to come up with an array of titles for your next blog post or presentation.

FAQfox: Is your marketing research lacking? Find what your users are asking.

Idea Sandbox: Some of the most effective tools to assist you with your entire problem-solving…from problem identification, through leading a project and implementation.

Mindmeister: If you like doing mindmaps or spider diagrams, this has a handy free option.

Xmind: Another mindmap software tool that helps you plan ideas.

Link Bait Content GeneratorIf you want to come up with catchy headlines then this tool takes that to the extreme.

MindmupA free online mind mapping software to help map out your plans.

Coggle: Spider diagrams for you to be creative and organised.

Blog Ideas Generator: If you want more ideas for blog posts then give this tool a try

Exploding Topics: See new market opportunities, trending topics, emerging technology, hot startups and more on Exploding Topics.

Swipe-Worthy: Get inspired & learn the secret psychology of top marketing promotions with a case study of adverts and promotions.

Question DB: Find untapped content ideas and relevant questions to create more useful content

Idea Boardz: Use these cleverly design boards to come up with ideas as individuals or as a team

Content Ideas: Find the top performing content around the web in this category based tool