Organising and Project Management

Note Taking

Evernote: Platform designed for note-taking and organising.

Simplenote: Another note-taking platform that syncs across different devices.

Organising and Project Management

Trello: An organiser that helps keeps track of everything and organize everything.

Yanado: A pretty handy tasks management tool for all Gmail users.

Basecamp: A productivity app that has a blend of tools that any team needs to stay on the same page about whatever they’re working on.

Slack: Brings all your communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving, and searching for modern teams.

Freebusy: Eliminates coordination headaches when you need to schedule a meeting.

Freedcamp: A social work collaboration platform with an emphasis on project management.

Asana: An easy way for teams to track work, and get results. Do great things together.

Any.Do: A really good To-do list & Task Manager for online and mobile.

Wrike: An online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks.

HubSpot CRM: A sales tool for your small business where you can say goodbye to manual tasks and confusing features.

TeamViewer – Share your screen with others.

Insightly: A powerful CRM and project management system.

Alfred App: Helps you find content on your computer quickly.

Workflow: A productivity tool that helps manage your life in many ways.

Air Table: Helps you organise stuff, people, and ideas.

Bitrix 24: A CRM system aimed at small businesses to help you stay organised.

User: A single platform providing you with easy-to-use, yet very robust tools for marketing, sales, and support teams.

Nifty: A central hub that makes tasks, timelines, and workloads clear to team members and project stakeholders.

Taskade: A remote workspace where you can chat, organise and get things done.

Recess: Internal communication system to help communicate with other employees.

Notion: Blends your everyday work apps into one. An all-in-one workspace for you and your team.

Full Story: Allows users to inspect customer activity, identify rage clicks, create funnels and review page analytics from the dashboard.

Calendly: A scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time and so much more.

Wave Apps: Wave is one-stop money management for small business owners.

Frame: Lets you share media, track feedback, and streamline your workflow so your team can work closely together from anywhere in the world.

Panda Doc: Create, manage and e-Sign docs with ease

Donut: Helps connect teams serendipitously on Slack for virtual coffee, peer learning, DEI discussions, and more.

Ssemble: Connects everyone in the video creation process so the team can deliver better videos, faster organising And Project Management

X Tiles: Organise your ideas & projects visually

Bardeen: Automate repetitive tasks without code right from your browser.

Sending Large Files

WeTransfer: If you need to transfer large files then this tool does exactly that. Allows you to send up to 2GB for free.

Calls, Webinars and Messaging

Skype: Oldie but a goodie. Free calls and messenger service.

Go-To-Meeting: Video conferencing and webinar tools. Free screen sharing, online meetings and team collaboration at your fingertips.

Zoom: A cloud-based video and audio conferencing platform.

Drift: Drift is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform.

Uber Conference: If you run an online business, you’re going to need to set up virtual meetings with your clients and this tool allows you to do that anytime.


Cold Turkey: A productivity program that you can use to temporarily block yourself off of popular social media sites, addicting websites and games.

OMMwriter: This becomes your own private writing room where you can close the door behind you to focus on your writing in peace.

Nosily: A background noise and colour generator ideal for working and relaxing.

Other Productivity “Stuff”

Toolbox by Google: Google Apps Toolbox is a collection of tools which could be used to debug ‘Google Apps’.

Wordcount tool:  A handy tool that counts the number of characters you use.

Readability Test: This is a pretty straightforward tool and tests the readability of your website.

Slidezen: A tool that easily lets you share presentation slides.

Video Ask: Allows you to have asynchronous conversations with your customers on the web & mobile.

PDF 24: Free and easy-to-use online PDF tools that make you more productive.